Reinhold Arthur Fragner

Reinhold Arthur Fragner

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First Name * Reinhold
Last Name * Arthur Fragner
Username * RAF
Country * Austria
City Vienna
Nationality Austria
Languages EnglishGermanMath



Availability: Freelance
Skype raf.ima


I studied theoretical physics from 1999 after graduation from technical high school (communications engineering).

Founded industrial motion art in 2001 leading the company as art director, supervisor and ceo. With my great team we, do a lot visual effects for documentary

Because of my interest in science and science visualisation I am cooperating with different universities (for example University of Applied Arts Vienna, Rutgers State University) to develop new ways to bring scientific data into easy to understand visual graphics.

By combining data from microscopic scans as micro computer tomography, confocal laser scanning, light microscope and scanning electron microscope, ways to create extreme high detailed 3D objects were developed.

But beside that, I am also interested in science fiction and space operas and of course in visualizing them.


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